Watch: Amritsar streets witness Bollywood-style chase as ‘drunk’ e-rickshaw driver almost runs over several people while fleeing cops


Amritsar, February 1

A video of an e-rickshaw driver creating ruckus across streets of Amritsar has been making the rounds on social media platforms. Reported to be in inebriated state, the man after having a bit heated verbal spat with a Punjab Police officer breaks free while the cop continues to insist him to stop.

As the man swiftly escapes, the police chase him while he continues to drive his vehicle recklessly on busy roads and even narrow streets of the city.

Some commuters also tried to lay hold of him during the extensive chase exercise.

The man even hurt few people in the way as he toppled few vehicles by hitting them with his e-rickshaw.

He however managed to dodge his chasers as he briskly ran off from the moving vehicle.

The cops at Lawrence Road police post stated that an elder couple board e rickshaw for Green Avenue. The unidentified driver of the vehicle was under the influence of liquor. He forcefully alighted the elderly couple at Lawrence Road Chowk and misbehaved with them. A cop from Lawrence Road Chowki tried to intervene in the matter but the driver escaped the scene after misbehaving with the cop as well.

While running from police he hit a scooter at Mall Road. Then he hit some other commuters and ran away. Some commuters along with police started chasing him. The accused reached at Mohni park area and then left the e-rickshaw there.

The police seized his vehicle and started searching him. He still remains at large.