Traffic trouble on Fatehgarh Churian road irks residents


Neeraj Bagga

Amritsar, February 6

Residents of nearly 30 villages and around 10 colonies falling on the Fatehgarh Churian road have been facing traffic hassles for the past many years.

Karamjit Singh, a local resident, said there was no scope for the ordinary commuters to pass through the road during the peak hours, stretching from 8 am to 4 pm. He alleged that the leading schools of the city did not have their own parking and vehicles coming to drop off students parked on the road leading to traffic jam.

Narinder Singh who also resides in the area said buses and cars of different sizes remain stationed on the road. The scene gets repeated for long hours of the day, leading to traffic snarls.

Nidhi Arora, a resident of Chand Avenue on Fatehgarh Churian road, said traffic problem on the stretch has only been growing with the passage of time since they shifted here six years ago. Relatives avoid visiting them because of this.

Alleging daily harassment on account of omission of parking facility within the school, a group of villagers belonging to a farmer orgnisation even held a protest recently. Their members alleged that it was not just the commoners who suffered, even an ambulance found it difficult to find space to move on the road. They also added that the school did not have its own parking.