March against drug abuse


Amritsar, December 19

Residents of Karampura Abadi, an area where high drug abuse is reported, along with local activist Ankur Gupta took out a march to create awareness regarding drug abuse and action against drug peddlers.

The area residents demanded better facilities for drug de-addiction and stated that addicts should be sent to de-addiction centres and not jails.

Speaking on the occasion, Ankur Gupta said: “It has been seen that mostly when drug addicts are arrested, a minor quantity of an intoxicant is recovered from them, they are arrested and sent to jail. Instead of this, they should be sent to de-addiction centres.” He said drug sellers and not abusers should be sent to jail.

He further demanded that the Health Department should also fix charges of private de-addiction centres. He said private de-addiction centres charge arbitrarily and as a result, many families are unable to use the facilities. He also encouraged the residents to enrol children in schools so that they can get education.