Stretch of Problems: Heritage Street where pedestrians are at mercy of motorists


Amritsar, December 17

Heritage Street constructed to highlight the beauty of the Durgiana temple is being neglected by authorities concerned. One can see vehicles parked haphazardly on the road leading to traffic problems. Moreover, the broken lids of sewers are an open invite to fatal accidents.

An open manhole.

The Durgiana temple committee says that though the construction work has been completed, there are many flaws in it. The flaws are causing inconvenience to devotees visiting the temple.

Traffic mismanagement and parking of vehicles by those putting up in nearby hotels make it difficult for pedestrians to walk comfortably on the street. The illegal parking of e-rickshaws also occupies a lion’s share of Heritage Street. Residents claim that the road is 60 ft wide, but 40 feet of it are occupied by vehicles. Motorists find only 20-foot space on the road for driving their vehicles.

Moreover, the covers of many sewer manholes are broken or missing on the street. Besides, so is the case with many storm sewer, the lids of which are either broken or missing.

“The MC has developed a smart street where lights have been installed on the road. The shops were given a heritage look. But the land excavated to set up infrastructure is not properly filled,” said Naveen, a resident of Hindustan Basti.

“Autos and e-rickshaws should not be allowed to park on Heritage Street. All vehicles should be parked at the Gol Bagh side,” said RK Sharma, a resident.

The MC claims that covers have been removed for de-silting of sewer lines. “De-silting of sewerage is being done and the problem will be fixed soon,” added MC officials.