Say no to Chinese strings, residents urged


Amritsar, December 19

Members of the Anti-crime and Animal Protection Association, an NGO, on Monday held an awareness programme against the use of synthetic kite string which is not only playing havoc with the life of birds but also sometimes proving fatal for commuters, especially those travelling on two-wheelers.

Children dressed as injured birds and urged people and children not to use Chinese string for flying kites. The association distributed ordinary string (dor) among children of the Hall Gate area and made them aware about the advantages of using this string as compared to synthetic Chinese string.

Kids raise awareness against use of Chinese kite string in Amritsar.

Dr Rohan Mehra, president of the association, said it was unfortunate that instances of people getting injured due to Chinese string were hitting the headlines. It has been increasing. However, children and people were not hesitating from using the same for kite flying putting the lives of commuters in danger. It also hurts birds that get entangled in these unbreakable strings and die dangling on trees.

“The government should ban its manufactures,” he said. He urged the people not to use them and instead use local made kite strings.