Uppal group accuses panel of putting off IMA poll


Amritsar, January 14

Accusing the election committee of playing a partisan role to favour a particular group leading to postponement of elections to the Amritsar chapter of the Indian Medical Association, Dr Ashok Uppal group has urged the IMA, Punjab, and the IMA national body to intervene so that elections could be held in a free and fair manner.

The three-member election committee, constituted to conduct the poll, postponed the elections on Sunday alleging a ruckus created during the process by the Dr Ashok Uppal group. The committee had also cancelled the candidature of Dr Rajesh Kumar citing less than 30 per cent attendance rule.

Talking to The Tribune, Dr Uppal said, “There is no such rule and it was a ploy to favour the opposite group.” “The rules are applied in a selective manner,” said Dr Uppal.