Advice against donation has city’s ‘Blood Man’ upset


Neeraj Bagga

Amritsar, January 14

City-based blood donor BM Singh is disappointed as he was advised against donating blood (due to his ripe age) on the first day of the New Year by doctors.

The 86-year-old has donated blood 57 times and the last being on January 1, 2022. He started donating blood way back in 1973 and continued to donate it till last year. His visit to a hospital to take stock of the health of one of his friends led him to donate blood at DMC, Ludhiana, in 1973. Throughout his life, he not only donated blood himself, but also motivated others to come forward to save lives of others in dire need of blood. That became a motto of his life.

Born to a bank employee Yograj Walia at a village in Sangrur district in 1937, he remained posted in the holy city while serving as a railway employee. After joining the Railways, he got the opportunity to get training in Kolkata where he learnt to converse and understand Bengali. As a 10-year-old at the time of the country’s Partition at Rampura Phul in Bathinda district, he saw the heinous face of religion which made him abhor any religious identity.

Four years ago, he came out with a book “Farewell to Fear, Fad and Fantasy”, which incorporates 24 essays expressing his views on varied issues like religious doctrines, spiritual thoughts and talks about leading personalities.