‘Thathera Bazaar’ in Amritsar to get heritage status


Amritsar, January 3

Cabinet Minister Harbhajan Singh ETO today announced the government’s plan to develop the ‘Thathera Bazaar’ of Jandiala Guru as a heritage street having universal traditional architecture worth Rs 7.15 crore and a matching heritage gate worth Rs 5.10 crore.

Yet, the ‘cosmetic’ plans could seldom bring smiles on the faces of the ‘thatheras’, who possess the traditional technique of manufacturing brass and copper utensils.

Despite being included in the National List of Intangible Culture Heritage 2020 and tagged by Unesco as intangible cultural heritage in 2014, artisans have been struggling to make both ends meet.

Harbhajan Singh agreed that the community needed immediate financial support and a proposal on it would be put forth at an appropriate level. “Besides declaring and developing the Thathera Bazaar into a proper heritage street, we have further plans to give them financial aid too which will be announced ahead”, he said. — TNS