Parking lot unused, haphazard parking creates chaos


Amritsar, January 5

A major portion of the parking lot inside Nehru Shopping Complex is lying unused due to the mismanagement of the Amritsar Improvement Trust (AIT). On the other hand, the vacant area and nearby roads witness traffic jams due to haphazardly parked vehicles.

After taking action against the owners of tea stalls at Novelty Chowk, there is no respite to visitors on the Lawrence Road. Residents say that in the absence of designated parking space for vehicles, the Lawrence Road and the Mall Road witness regular jams. The parking lot can accommodate more than 300 cars at Nehru Shopping Complex, but only a few vehicles are seen parked here.

Haphazardly parked vehicles on Thursday. Sunil kumar

The workers at the parking lot say there is enough space outside on roads to park vehicles, so no one wants to pay money for parking. Around 100 cars of residents from nearby localities are permanently parked at this parking lot. They pay Rs 1,500 per month as they do not have space in their house to park their vehicles. Only 40 shopkeepers from the shopping complex park their vehicles in the parking lot and pay Rs 600 per month. Only 35 to 40 visitors park their vehicles inside the paid parking lot.

The workers at parking lot say they have closed the gate towards the Lawrence Road as no one uses it. Visitors to tea stalls block the way by parking vehicles on the lane leading towards the parking lot. On the directions of AIT staff, the parking staff on Thursday opened the gate towards the Lawrence Road.

“There is not much income from the parking,” said parking staff. Moreover, the parking contractor overcharges from car owners from other cities and states.