Stretch of Problems; Harsha Chhina-Fatehgarh Churian road in tatters


Amritsar, December 8

The road stretch from Harsha Chhina to Fatehgarh Churian Road, which was recently recarpeted by the Public Works Department, has once again been damaged. Local residents have demanded a vigilance inquiry into the matter.

Suresh Kumar Sharma, a former district president of the Aam Aadmi Party, said when the Congress was in power, bills were passed without any construction of the road. The documents obtained through an RTI request have revealed that an amount of Rs 6.4 crore was allocated for recarpeting the road stretch from Harsha Chhina to the Fatehgarh Churian Road. The work was allotted to a construction company on April 24, 2020 when the Congress was in power.

Bills were passed by the PWD between December 2020 and September 2021 for the construction of the road. Sharma stated, “If the condition of the road is so bad, how did the department pass bills to the tune of crores for this road. Substandard material was used and an amount of Rs 6.4 crore was misappropriated. After the construction of this road, there is a liability period of a year and a maintenance period of four years. The condition of the road is very bad.” He claimed that only two drawings have been made by the department for work on this road, and that no drawing has been prepared for the full route map. The construction company has not deposited the bank guarantee to the department, he alleged. Sharma said the way a tender was reportedly issued by the authorities without a bank guarantee is also a matter of investigation.