Tangled Mess: High-tension wires bane of Indira Colony residents in Amritsar


Amritsar, December 8

High-tension wires passing dangerously close to houses and tangled cables in the streets have become a bane for residents of Indira Colony. The residents stated that at places overhead high tension wires are so low that one can easily touch them while standing on the roof of the houses.

They stated that many people have lost their lives after coming in contact with electricity wires in the area. “A few years ago, a two-and-a-half year old girl touched a naked wire while opening a window. The doctors had to amputate her hand,” said a resident Pawan Kumar.

The residents complained that in every election, the politicians vow to get the high-tension wires shifted. However, as soon as the poll are over, they forget about the problem, said another area resident.

The residents stated that people are reluctant to sit on the roofs of their houses fearing mishap. “The prices of plots directly under the high tension wires were low and people lapped up the opportunity. However, they unmindful of the hazards they would face.

“Now, people want to sell their homes and relocate to other safe areas, but the problem is that there are no buyers,” said another resident Sanjeev. He said the PSPCL asks them to pay the expenses for the relocation of the high-tension wires and they cannot afford to spend the hefty amount. The residents stated that the state government should come to the rescue of the residents.