Khalsa institutes celebrate Lohri


Amritsar: Khalsa College for Women, Khalsa College of Law, Khalsa College of Education, Ranjit Avenue, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur College for Women, Khalsa College of Nursing and the educational institutions running under the Khalsa College Governing Council celebrated Lohri at Khalsa College International Public School, Ranjit Avenue. As per the custom of Lohri festival, a bonfire was lit and folk songs related to Lohri were played. Principal Mandeep Kaur said that the purpose of celebrating such a cultural festival is to make the students aware of the rich traditions and costumes. On this occasion, the staff and students of the group of educational institutes enjoyed the food. The Punjabi folk heritage was revived by singing songs related to Lohri. The atmosphere was made colorful with gidha and bhangra performances. TNS

DAV holds career guidance seminar

DAV College today held a career guidance seminar for students. “Computer Science is one of the most highly demanded academic curricula in India and the world over. It encourages students to pursue creativity and technology while including a wide range of subjects that highlight computer networking and programming in general,” said DAV College (Amritsar) Principal Amardeep Gupta, while addressing the students during a career talk. Gupta added that the students who want to pursue their studies from foreign universities should opt for one-year diploma courses in the college itself. Addressing the students, Prof Vikram Sharma, Head of the Computer Science Department, said that almost all industries and business sectors depend on computer systems and technology. The job opportunities for computer students are also wide and flexible in nature. Once a student completes a degree in Computers, many jobs in the technology sector are available. The students can choose the best option on the basis of their interests,” he said.