Inter-state folk dance festival


Amritsar, February 18

The Department of Youth Welfare, Khalsa College, hosted an inter-state folk dance festival under the Government of India’s Inter-State Youth Exchange Programme.

Dr Devender Singh, Dean, Youth Welfare, said Gujarat’s Department of Sports, Youth and Cultural Activities, Gandhi Nagar, organised a tour of Gujrati folk dancers in Punjab, which was coordinated by the Punjab Folk Art Centre, Gurdaspur.

These folk dancers performed seven dances from Punjab and Gujrat under the programme. The colourful dances from Gujarat, including Maniyaro Raas, Garba, Rope Raas and Utsav Raas, were performed by artistes.

Hitesh Dihora, leader of the Gujarati contingent, talked about the significance of these folk dances. “Maniyaro Raas, a folk dance from Saurashtra region, is performed by men, with dholak and traditional instruments. Garba is one of the most popular folk dance forms from the region and is performed at festivities such as weddings or festivals. Rope Raas, a form of dance almost on the lines of Dandiya Raas, is performed in acrobatic style, using colourful ropes as props,” he said.

GNDU Youth Welfare Director Dr Amandeep Singh honoured the dignitaries and dancers.