Transformers in public parks a threat to lives


Amritsar, December 14

Electricity transformers installed in public parks and alongside roads are a threat to public safety. At places, pillar boxes having electricity meters can be seen open. Transformers can be seen inside public parks in most parts of the city.

However, no safety grills to protect residents from coming in contact with these electricity transformers have been installed in most of these parks. Transformers can been seen on roads and even near schools of children.

Transformer installed at a park in Amritsar on Wednesday. Photo: Vishal Kumar

“School children can be hurt due to a short circuit. At least power corporation should install safety grills around these machines,” said Sukhwant Singh, a resident of Majitha Road. He said the transformer had been installed near the entrance of the school gate.

Kewal Kumar, another resident, said, “The public parks are no place to install electricity transformers as these are very risky. At least the power corporation should fix safety grills around the transformers so that humans and stray animals are not harmed.”

While the faulty electricity transmission system and tangled wires are posing a problem to the city residents, the electricity transformers installed at public places too are a potential threat to the safety of the residents.

Satinder Singh, another resident said, “The electricity transmission system in the city is outdated as compared to the cities in the developed countries. Our government must use modern technologies, especially underground wiring and safe transmission devices to give a better look to the city.”