Some respite from fog for residents; sun plays truant for second day also


Amritsar, December 22

City residents got some respite from the thick fog cover as they woke up to a comparatively clear sky on Thursday morning, but the sun did not appear for the second consecutive day. Cloudy conditions prevailed and the absence of sun made it difficult for people, elderly ones, to bear the cold.

It was after a gap of four days that fog intensity decreased. Residents had to face a huge inconvenience in commuting on roads due to low visibility caused by fog.

Residents said slight drop in temperature did not worry them as it could be fought easily by using warm clothing and heaters, but there was no solution to fog. “Driving in fog is like driving blindfolded and it is very dangerous. I hope there would be no more foggy days,” said Sandeep Singh, a college teacher.

Residents were seen wearing long coats and heavy warm jackets so as not to be affected by the cold. With the drop in temperatures, there was less rush on roads. Very few people were seen at public parks and playgrounds, which used to be thronged by residents in a large number a week ago.

Health experts too have advised senior citizens to avoid unnecessary exposure to cold as it might lead to health issues. “People should also take care of children, especially toddlers,” said Dr Sandeep Aggarwal, paediatrician at Government Medical College here.

As far as the agricultural sector is concerned, experts said drop in temperature was good for the wheat crop. They advised that in case of frost in the coming days, farmers should less irrigate nurseries and fodder and vegetable fields during the early morning hours. “Water helps in combating the harms of the frost on crops,” said Chief Agriculture Officer Dr Jatinder Singh Gill.