Pak veteran journalist visits Folklore Research Academy


Amritsar, December 27

Noted Pakistani human rights activist Hussain Naqi today visited the office of Folklore Research Academy in city. The veteran journalist was on a brief visit to India from Lahore and met several members of the Folklore Research Academy as he was greeted by Academy president, Ramesh Yadav.

Naqi, a veteran journalist in Pakistan, is considered as among the first scribes in the country to laid the foundation of anti-establishment movements. Critical of several politicians and one of the survivors of partition, Naqi interacted with Yadav and many others on several issues. “Hussain’s journey has been a very difficult one. He was the national president of students in Karachi and raised the voice of college and university students in Balochistan, during tumultuous early years after partition. He was jailed by the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and later served as Editor of View Point, Sazan newspaper Shahmukhi and Chief Editor of Punjab Panch newspaper. He is a human rights icon and is currently working as the Finance Secretary of SAARC,” said Ramesh Yadav. Born in Lucknow, Hussain migrated with his family to Pakistan during Partition. His elder brother still lives in Lucknow. He is here to meet his elder brother and his family.

Naqi discussed the attacks on the minorities living in Pakistan and India, a subject that is of concern in both countries. He also appealed to make visa system easier for both the countries so that the people of both the countries can bow down to their respective homelands. — TNS