MLA reaches out to people with May I Help You stall at PITEX


GS Paul

Amritsar, December 11

In a bid to reach out to people, AAP MLA Kunwar Vijay Partap Singh has set up a stall christened as ‘May I Help You’ at Punjab International Trade Expo (PITEX). The initiative aims to redefine ‘politics with a difference’ and invite people to come up with their suggestions and problems, be it administrative, civic or law and order.

The bureaucrat-turned-politician said he had visualised politics with a concept “Power to Empower”, which he chose to launch from the stage of PITEX.

“You (people) gave us power, now it is our turn to empower you. It’s time for the AAP to deliver. Eight months have passed, the janta would not wait for more time,” he said.

On the deteriorating law and order situation, he said, “The credibility and capability of Punjab Police could not be questioned. It is the old stale mindset of officers that has to be overhauled. The police would have to shun the culture of ‘jee hazoori’ of the political bosses and serve society in the line of duty as they had vowed while donning the uniform. I would acknowledge the real badlav only if we could get our system free from political slavery and make it self-sufficient to the true letter and spirit of a democratic set up.”

He said the majority of the complaints were of petty crimes like snatching, street loot in broad daylight or theft of belongings in public places.

“The reason behind such crimes is the drug problem. The fact is that the police give minuscule importance to these cases, little realising that how these incidents impacted the victim and the common citizen who lost faith in the law. In most of the cases, complaints would not be registered. Not to speak of taking the follow-up action. The system has to be revamped and law has to be reimposed to win back the public faith by giving them a safe and secure atmosphere”, he said. APS Chatha, incharge of the campaign, said over 150 complaints were received and half of them were resolved on the spot by roping in the concerned officers. “We have prepared a detailed list of the complainants with their credentials and would follow up the cases till their logical conclusion,” he said.