Minister inaugurates piped water supply to Jandiala village


Amritsar, February 17

The Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann-led AAP government is committed to providing basic facilities to the people of the state and priority is being given to the development of basic infrastructure in the villages to raise the standard of living of villagers.

Minister of Public Works and Power, Punjab, Harbhajan Singh ETO on Friday inaugurated a water tank with a capacity of 25,000 liters at Chhina Patti in Jandiala Guru.

He said the tank, once constructed, would provide clean water to 1,005 people of 189 houses in Patti. This would ensure water supply in the village for 10 hours daily. The 3.71-km pipeline had been laid at a cost of Rs 47.36 lakh and the daily water quantity would be 85,000 litres. All this work was made available under NABARD-27. A chlorinator unit was also installed with the aim of providing potable water to people, he said.

Meanwhile, Harbhajan Singh ETO also inaugurated work on Mori gate, which would be raised at a cost of Rs 22.5 lakh, at Jandiala. The gate would be completed within two months and the height of the gate would be 28.5 feet and width 20 feet. All city-like facilities would be provided to Jandiala area, he added.