Hanging power cables continue to pose danger


Amritsar, December 26

Guru Har Rai Avenue and areas of Verka-Majitha bypass in the the holy city are marred with hanging electricity, internet and networking cables, posing risk to passersby. Heavy mess of wires and cables can be seen on nearly all electricity poles.

The residents and shopkeepers are at the receiving end due to the negligence and apathy of the Municipal Corporation (MC) and other departments. It’s a free run for Jio fibre, Connect, Net Plus, Airtel and BSNL cable operators and even Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL), which hang wires with boundary walls, trees and poles while giving connections to consumers. Even electric cables are hung on bent poles.

“The cables cause unwarranted inconveniences to public and are a threat to their safety. These wires are defacing the markets. Webs of these wires may lead to fire incidents, which further pose a threat to human life and property,” said Sukdev Singh, a resident.

A large number of cables have been tied to electricity poles at every pole at Gur Har Rai Avenue and the 27-feet road. Residents blame service provider companies for the problem. However, most of the residents aren’t aware that the MC is authorised to collect fee from service provider companies and is responsible for proper fitting of wires.

“No one take care that how these wires and cable net are defacing the localities. The cables should be made underground. The PSPCL had announced a project to replace the electricity wires with cables, but there is no implementation of the project to date,” said Sandeep Singh.