Farmers demand lab to test toxins


Amritsar, December 27

Chief Agriculture Officer Dr Jatinder Singh Gill and Deputy Director Agriculture conducted a meeting of the District Farmer Advisory Committee and Management Committee under the ongoing Agriculture Management Technology Agency (ATMA) scheme of the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. In the meeting, the activities carried out during the year 2022-23 under the ATMA scheme were discussed. The farmers were told about the recommendation of the PAU and GNDU agriculture experts and to pay attention to the use of fertilisers and pesticides as per the recommendations of the university.

The scheme also enables farmers to practice and discuss farm and applied practices that are sustainable and scientifically approved. In the meeting, Satnam Singh, a local farmer, suggested to conduct goat and chicken rearing training under ATMA scheme. A recommendation was made by farmers for the establishment of a laboratory in the district to test for toxins in agricultural produce.

Regarding organic farming, the farmers said a separate market should be established by the government for the sale of organic products.

In the meeting, Deputy Director, Horticulture, Dr Tajinder Singh; professor Dr Raminder Kaur, KVK, Project Director, ATMA were present.