Cabinet Minister says promoting rural sports a priority for state government


Amritsar, February 19

Cabinet Minister Harbhajan Singh ETO has reiterated his government’s policy to promote rural sports in the state.

He was addressing the players on the occasion of the closing ceremony of ‘Khedan Udo Nangal Deyan’ at the Captain Manjinder Singh Bhinder Sports Stadium here on Sunday.

He said the active participation of thousands of sportsmen boosted morale and the day was not far when Punjabi sportsmen would once again establish their unique identity at the national and international sports areas.

He recalled that more than three lakh sportsmen participated in the ‘Khedan Watan Punjab Deyan’. He stressed this was done to catch young players to identify their potential, good grooming and provide enough exposure.

He thanked all the players, coaches, villagers, teachers and administrators for achieving the objective. He distributed prizes among the players and honoured them with commemorative tokens. On the occasion, he said that all the demands placed by the sportspersons, like installing lights in the stadium, repairing the stadiums, paving the road to the stadium, arranging drainage from the stadium, among others, would be met. He said the region gave seven Olympians to the country and it was the priority of the government to give the best infrastructure to the area.