Amritsar: Absence of double dustbins a hindrance to segregation of waste


Amritsar, November 24

The absence of double dustbins is proving to be a hindrance to segregation of waste and its disposal as most of the marketplaces in the city has a single dustbin. Garbage and dry waste is thrown into the same dustbin, which is then lifted by garbage collection vehicles.

To the contrary, the households are required to segregate wet waste from dry one before handing over the bags to waste collection teams. Earlier when the Municipal Corporation had engaged a private company for the management of waste, it had provided a set of two dustbins to help people segregate waste.

However, the absence of double dustbins in markets is irksome for many residents. As per the classification of dry and wet waste by the MC, the dry waste constitutes plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and other such items. The wet waste comprises food leftovers. As the wet waste decomposes easily, it is meant to be disposed separately from the dry waste which can be recycled and is hard to decompose.

Residents also complain that wet waste in dustbins emit a foul smell. “As these dustbins are not covered, the foul smell pervades the nearby area becoming a nuisance for passersby. Moreover, no shopkeeper is ready to get a dustbin placed in front of his shop due to the foul smell,” said Joginder Singh, adding that dustbins with covers should be installed in the markets for collecting wet waste.

The dustbins kept in many markets can often be seen overflowing. People often throw waste near these dustbins, which is then scattered by stray dogs. Residents suggest to the administration that if dustbins (with covers), in which waste can be segregated easily, are placed in marketplaces, the target of keeping the city clean can be easily achieved.