Wear masks, Education Department in advisory to officials, staff


Amritsar, December 23

With the rising concern over Covid-19 situation after reports from China, the Centre has an issued advisory for caution and medical screening of international passengers. In line with this, the Education Department has also issued advisory to staff and officials to wear masks as precaution and observe social distancing if and when required. Though no separate guidelines have been issued, the advisory on wearing masks will be adhered to, said officials of the District Education Department.

The schools in district will be closing for winter break and when they reopen the situation will be reviewed by the department’s officials.

While the department officials said they are ready with all safety measures in case of any further directions, the staff has been told to be alert. The Education Department is hosting a mega PT (parent-teacher) meet on December 24 and all 821 government schools in the district will be hosting parents for an interaction.

“The mega meet is being organised across state and we will be interacting with the parents, telling them about the Covid-19 advisory and to keep caution at home as well,” said Dharminder Gill, an official from the Education Department.

“This meet is a way of communicating the changes that government schools have gone through in past year. Since not many parents often attend the PT meet regularly, unlike private school parents, we have made special arrangements to host the parents, to motivate them for regular interaction with teachers in future,” said Gill.