Driving on high-beam light a safety concern


Neeraj Bagga

Amritsar, December 14

The misuse of high-beam lights and ornamental illumination in vehicles accounts for a large number of fatal accidents in the city. Most of the violators are unaware that displaying high-beam lights amounts to a violation of the Motor Vehicles Act.

These are prohibited in well lit city areas yet the glaring LED-fitted headlights of vehicles can be spotted on roads. The misuse of illegally fitted high-beam lights contribute to road accidents at night. Some of the drivers remain ignorant of the sensible use of high-beam headlights.

The practice of dimming high-beam headlights for the convenience of vehicles coming from the opposite direction is hardly a habit for many drivers.

Notably, a good number of people mostly youth, who have installed high-beam lights in their motorbikes use them to alert vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

However, their action is illegal and needs to be checked.

Anil Vinayak, a resident of Race Course road, said several accidents taking place at night were directly related to the misuse of high-beam lights. He demanded that the traffic police must carry out a drive to check the menace and added that it amounted to a blatant violation of the Motor Vehicles Act whereby high-beam lights are prohibited in well lit city areas and can be subject to challans.

The glaring LED-fitted headlights almost blind the driver’s view coming from the opposite direction resulting in fatal accidents. Even vehicles from the rear with high beam obstruct the rear mirror view of the vehicle ahead making it difficult to negotiate left or right turns.

Navneet Singh, a local resident, said earlier the traffic department issued challans to vehicles without black film affixed on headlights. The car manufacturer and showroom owner should ensure compliance of rules on high beam before the delivery of vehicle for on-road use. The traffic police should also sensitise the public on matters related to the coming foggy winter conditions to avoid mishaps.

The government has made some efforts in this direction by initiating an awareness campaign through the media listing dos and don’ts in this regard. It is for the motorists and authorities concerned to ensure compliance with rules.