Bearing the brunt of cold


Winters are associated with a change in lifestyle, eating preferences, leisure activities and how people dress. Tribune lensman Vishal Kumar amp; correspondent Manmeet Singh Gill took a round of the city to capture some of the glimpses.

With the holy city of Amritsar witnessing intense cold and fog these days, bonfires have become a common sight in every nook and corner of the city. Residents from all walks of life spend their leisure time or work breaks finding ways in their own inimitable style to beat the chill.

Langars of coffee, milk and tea have become common on roads in Amritsar

Even the long coats and heavy gumboots are out of the closet and have become a fad for the youngsters and a battle gear for the party lovers. While winter brings its own share of hardships, the city has its own culture of celebrating each season with its special delicacies.

Gajrela or gajar ka halwa is another delicacy of the season.

Seasonal foods stalls selling kesar wala dudh, khazoor, gajrela, roasted peanuts and sweet potatoes have come up in markets and there is no shortage of customers.

For the faithful and believers, even the intense cold has failed to deter their spirits from taking a dip in the holy sarovar.

Roasted Shakarkandi stalls dot various areas of the city.

The intense cold has also helped the hosiery traders as the sale of warm clothing has increased. Special weekly bazaars are being set up alongside roads to sell winter clothes.

Khazoor, a local delicacy, is sold only in the winter season.

A vendor roasts groundnuts

at a marketplace.

Kesar milk is a favourite beverage during the months of December and January.

For many, the winter season is the kite flying season and kites of all sizes and designs are up for sale.

A shop displays a number of delicacies of the season.

Devotees pay obeisance at the Golden Temple on a foggy morning.

Foreign tourists during a stroll on a city road on a chilly morning.

Motorists switch on headlights of their vehicles due to low visibility near Amritsar on Thursday.

In protective gear: Despite the severe cold, the young and old can be seen roaming marketplaces in the city.

A local delicacy is manufactured and sold during the winter months.